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Women in MICE - In review

We have had 17 months of business and personal challenges, loss of families and Facebook posts of friends and industry colleagues who have passed. You wonder to yourself when it is going to stop! All the negative social media and WhatsApps are now the norm - and then you receive an e-mail to remind you of something exciting happening in our industry! Upliftment, motivation, inspiration, to recognise the Top 40 Women in Mice 2021.

Yes! Someone out there still thinks we can make a difference! We have deviated from being Event Managers to hustling products and services to earn any type of income. The Women in MICE have collaborated and formed groups to support each other throughout this pandemic. Never once did they sit in a corner and wait for something to happen.

The PCO Alliance Network supports the Women in MICE awards which uplifts, inspires and motivates the Women in MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) industry - their hard work did not go unnoticed.

This year we have been encouraged to nominate men in MICE who have also made a difference in the industry. We support this initiative as the men in our industry work hard and they need to be recognised as well. Even our Suppliers (AV, Entertainment, Team Building companies etc) had to pivot their businesses to online teambuilding, hybrid events and online entertainment - which has put a financial burden on them. They have had to adapt their equipment to encompass virtual and hybrid events, and to keep their staff employed. These men work hard to support their families too. As with all of our industry, they were accustomed to events that earned good income. Sadly this is no longer the case.

The PCO Alliance Network and the SA Events Council want to acknowledge our full supply chain – the men and women who added to the success of our events in the past.

Last year we had to cancel WIM 2021 due to the lockdown. Thank you to Meetings Magazine who persevered and continued to acknowledge WIM 2021.

Wishing all the nominees’ good luck and well done!

By Ellen Oosthuizen - for SA Events Council

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