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SA Events Council provides safety information sessions for the events industry.

Updated: May 24, 2021

Although events are still closed to all but the smallest audiences, the SA Events Council (SAEC) continues to work on building trust amongst its clients, its audiences and within the industry itself. In a constantly-changing environment, it can be difficult to know exactly what the rules are at any given moment. However, one priority is consistently top-of-mind, that of safety within the events industry.

Viewing clarity around safety regulations and protocols as an imperative, the SA Events Council has partnered with SAACI, the PCO Alliance Network and The Event Safety Council to provide an Events Safety Training session for industry stakeholders to be held at Spier Wine Estate on Friday 19th March from 10:00 am, with registration opening at 9.00 am. The event is sponsored by Cape Town & Western Cape Convention Bureau, a division of Wesgro.

“SAEC’s objective is to inform the Venues and Event Organisers on exactly what is expected of them when it comes to Event Safety Protocols. Many do not have an information channel from an Association to keep them updated on what is going on out there. We are calling on senior management, supervisors, employees, event professionals, venues, and industry stakeholders to TRUST US to upskill them and their teams with the necessary information,” says Ellen Oosthuizen Chairperson at SAEC and PCO Alliance Network.

“Wesgro is hosting a week of virtual conferences for product and suppliers to provide information on their COVID-19 regulations and policies, master classes and optional tours, so this was an ideal platform on which to present our session on Event Readiness. The session will be streamed online nationally and recorded for future access. We also hope to present these sessions live in other provinces to reach as many people as possible in a Q & A format.”

As part of managing the safety process going forward, SAEC believes that industry practitioners must know how to implement a practical COVID-19 mitigation plan that incorporates the Events Re-opening Guidelines published in 2020 by SACIA’s Event Safety Council. During the various levels of lockdown, the Council was approached by businesses, venues and event organisers seeking clarity on the requirements, tips and best practices to create and practically implement a viable health and safety program. This session aims to address that need and promote consistent thinking across all stakeholders who need to manage the threat of COVID-19 in a business event environment.

Join Kim Roberts – SAACI National Chairperson, Ellen Oosthuizen – Chairperson: PCO Alliance Network & SAEC, Grant Faiers – Managing & Finance Member of TECHX & Event Safety Alliance Board Member George Skazikis as they unpack practical ways of implementing workable and sustainable Health and Safety Programs at Business events to ensure compliance during the prevalence of the pandemic.



Robyn D’Alessandro

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