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Minister Mthethwa appoints a Ministerial Advisory Team

The Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa, has set up a Ministerial

Advisory Team (MAT) for the creative and cultural sector who will advise the Minister

on how to deal with the plight of creatives during COVID-19.

This appointment comes at a time when the entire nation is under enormous strain

due to COVID-19. It was evident from the onset that the creative and cultural

industries, in their various forms, are the hardest hit by the pandemic.

In response to the difficulties faced by sector practitioners, the Department introduced

various relief measures, including the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Phase Relief Fund. We have also

partnered with the Department of Small Business Development (DSBD) as well as the

Solidarity Fund, amongst other partnerships, to try and soften the blow of the

Coronavirus pandemic. Whilst thousands of practitioners have benefited, it is apparent

that there are many more who have not benefitted from the various relief funds.

In an effort to find amicable solutions, working with the sector, the Minister established

MAT comprising of leaders in various portfolios of the creative sector. The work of MAT

is structured as per five (5) work streams, outlined as follows:


WORK STREAM 1: Banking and Landlords Portfolio: The team working on this portfolio

will engage with the financial sector and propose various interventions that would assist

practitioners with matters such as payment holidays, and other matters within this

portfolio to ensure that practitioners do not lose their valuables during this period.

WORK STREAM 2: Wellness Portfolio: The team will work closely with the Department

and the designated service provider to implement wellness interventions for sector


WORK STREAM 3: School Fees Portfolio: This team will propose and implement

interventions aimed at ensuring that sector practitioners’ children are not affected and

excluded from attending school due to non-payment of fees during the COVID-19 period.

WORK STREAM 4: Retail and Transport Portfolio; and WORK STREAM 5: Private and

Corporate Sector Portfolios: These teams will engage the private sector and solicit

donations and sponsorships which will ensure that practitioners continue to sustain their

livelihoods and put food on their table during the COVID-19 period.

The overarching responsibility of the appointed MAT is to set up sub-work streams. In

return, to ensure the inclusion of all sectors in the creative and cultural sector, attend to

Departmental stakeholder commitments; and a supervened collaborative partnership

with the Department to facilitate stakeholder engagement with the numerous nine

sectors of the creative and cultural industry.

The appointed MAT members are as per the table below:

Media Enquiries:

Masechaba Khumalo: Spokesperson (Minister)

Phone: 082 858 4415


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