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Exhibition │ Event Ready #trustus

Our Industry remains crippled by the devastating impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and we are in CRITICAL RED ALERT status.

It is absolutely ESSENTIAL for us to get operational again.

It is imperative that businesses in our sector continue to survive albeit through a quagmire of policy and in that this has become a juggling act of extreme priorities in extreme conditions, for our very survival.

As an Industry, we know that Exhibitions and Events are critical to South Africa’s economy and now, its recovery. The MICE Industry contributes to the total output, employment and gross domestic product.

This adds to our frustration and angst – we know that we can aid the recovery of the economy, however we are not trusted to do the same.

Therein lies the continued work and efforts of the collective Industry representative Trade Association bodies under the auspices of the SA Events Council.

As a group of highly capable professionals representing but not limited to the Supplier, Organiser, Service Provider, Audio-Visual │ Technical │ Production, Venue, Freelancer, Design, Creative, Agency and Artist sector, the Trade Shows, Confexes and Events that we Organise, Produce, Execute, Implement, Manage and Host, are just that – ORGANISED and controlled.

We have all the parameters and elements in place to hold safe and trusted Exhibitions and Events and we CARE about safety, heath, security and well-being.

We just need Government to TRUST us in our ability to implement our prepared and relevant solutions and to resume safely.

Waiting for the vaccine roll-out is neither feasible nor sustainable for our Industry and the large workforce that we support, train, employ and enable.


• help you with the economic recovery in South Africa;

• keep you safe at our Exhibitions & Events;

• use the correct safety protocols;

• make sure that our staff are trained properly;

• grow businesses and people through Exhibitions and Events;

• keep the skillset alive and maintained amongst our Industry community and people;

• contribute to job creation;

• add value to the economy;

• prevent the brain drain in our sector;

• lend our venues, considerable logistics and scheduling expertise to the Vaccination roll-out;

• enable RAPID RESULTS TESTING, with funding assistance;

• offer safe, reasonable and implementable Exhibition & Event solutions to mitigate the COVID risk.

As Industry stakeholders and role-players, we all bear the responsibility to move forward and to strive for economic recovery.

Here, in this time, we collectively shape our future.

“More than ever before in human history, we share a common destiny.

We can master it only if we face it together’’ – former Secretary General, UN, Kofi Anan

By Gill Gibbs

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